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Our AC Maintenance Services

An air conditioner is a tenacious machine because it has to go through from keep running all the day. An excellent quality of this machine but air conditioner requires maintenance. Like a car, air conditioners need regular service and maintenance to run correctly, run long lasting life and save your money. Our maintenance service will help you to recover from the lost efficiency of your AC system and we also help you to save your money and time.

When your air conditioner stops working, and you are feeling the heat pretty quickly because of the Sri lanka temperature. AC Maintenance is always available here to solve your air conditioner problems. We have experienced, skilled and professional AC repair technician so don’t worry just call us, and we will be right there in 20 to 25 minutes. Our skilled air conditioner technicians have the knowledge required to perform repairs, whether they be primary or minor. If you require servicing your AC, please check the list of the signals that your air conditioner is ready for a repair service:

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